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Hello there all this is like my letter to you all from the author, and poet of the writing products on here. I am sure that most of you during the pandemic are having a hard time finding a good service for counseling well we're here to help you all with the problems and if you need a person to listen and give some advice. Book us now and we'll help you out.


Ladies if you're looking for a friend that is true I know that most of them are competing with you and plotting on you behind your back but here at Antasia Shabria Armour we're friends and we're here, we've got a letter entitled "The Queen Letter". It's just for you to help your personality grow stronger when all the females dogged you out. Trust me I know what that is like and yes it's hard to accept.

Yes it's like a sense of betrayal but we've probably knew all along that they were like that in the first place. And yet we've needed that to get to know the true nature of women to  help them see that not all women are like that, just like our site and the women we aim to Honor God. There are other products about short stories, that are to find good strength and interest.


Trust God, and pray and bring light to God and Let God know what is in your heart ladies, and men, don't dog these women because they played you. Step leave that female if she bugging you and not really helping you can do that if you want to and don't think you can't because thats not true you can. Because once you figure out that she is no good for you then go and leave her high and dry, you can do this this your health, that is your right to leave a female that isn't true to you.


People will try to discourage you and make you think you're wrong for leaving a girl that wasn't for you but don't listen to them, they don't know what they're doing they're not the ones dating her. You are. You're just as special as the next person and a girl really for you is waiting for you to leave her aka the girl that isn't the right girl for you, and to come to her when you're ready by God to accept this to let her heal you from head to toe. But if you can't leave her then your not honoring God and you are no better than the girl hurting you on purpose since you won't leave.


And go to the girl that is waiting for you to wise up. But no one wants to wait forever and don't forget that because people are right with that thought. Tamia Chapman was killed where was her mother?


If you mention her name to me before check out I'll discount your service. East Cleveland, OH her mom totally just let her down, and the community she's living in her daughter is not here because she's dead that just feels just like her pride of life. Not walking her home from school like a regular mom is a curse of the generations to come. For us kind of like a omen of what is to come. Warning. From God. Because that wasn't right. 

Antasia Shabria Armour